(Pengaruh Kepuasan Terhadap Komitmen Bank BNI Terhadap Nasabah (persero)Tbk. Cabang Namlea)


  • Muspiha Muspiha Universitas Iqra Buru
  • Firman G Djunaidi Universitas Iqra Buru
  • R.S Masna Hatuwe Universitas Iqra Buru
  • Anida Faradila Besan Universitas Iqra Buru




Satisfaction, Customer, Bank BNI Namlea


The problem of satisfaction and trust in marketing strategies is important to pay attention to the foster commitment that leads to customer loyalty which will then generate added value for the banking company itself. With customers' full trust and satisfaction from the customers themselves, of course, PT. Bank BNI Namlea Branch will be favored by customers. Through the background above, what is the problem formulation of this research is how is the effect of satisfaction on the commitment of the Bank BNI (Persero) TBK customers. Namlea branch. The location of this research is located at Bank BNI (Persero) Namlea branch which is located at JL. Ahmad Yani Namlea, Buru Regency, next to the left of the PD Cantik shop, and on the right is my father's restaurant. While the author's research time to get the data needed is 2 (two) months, from January to February. The population in this study were customers who used savings at the Bank BNI Namlea branch, Buru Regency. This population is heterogeneous which can be seen from the diversity of age, sex, and education. Data collection was carried out by field research methods (field research) with data collection techniques namely questionnaires, interviews, and literature study. The type of data in this research is qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis. The results show that based on the results of the analysis of the distribution of respondents' answers, Bank Negara Indonesia must always improve the quality of the goods/services provided, where the Bank BNI Namlea branch must continue to strive to fulfill expectations and conformity to customer needs so that customer satisfaction is created. It is suggested that PT. Bank BNI Namlea branch is providing the best service through product quality, improved facilities such as parking lots and waiting rooms. Banks must be responsive in serving customers who will make transactions so that they don't feel bored while waiting/queuing to make transactions.

Keywords: Satisfaction, Customer, Bank BNI Namlea




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Muspiha, M., Djunaidi, F. G., Hatuwe, R. M., & Besan, A. F. (2021). EFFECT OF SATISFACTION TOWARDS COMMITMENTS OF BANK BNI CUSTOMERS (PERSERO) TBK. NAMLEA : (Pengaruh Kepuasan Terhadap Komitmen Bank BNI Terhadap Nasabah (persero)Tbk. Cabang Namlea). Uniqbu Journal of Social Sciences, 2(1), 29–34. https://doi.org/10.47323/ujss.v2i1.89