(Makna Ritual Ma'nene bagi Masyarakat Toraja Sebagai Budaya Indonesia)


  • Sumiaty Sumiaty IAKN Toraja, Jalan Poros Makale-Makassar Km 10,5 Buntu Tangti, Mengkendek, Kabupaten Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Selatan



Keywords: meaning, ritual, Ma'nene ', Toraja


This study aims to (1) find out the development of the Ma'nene 'ritual for the Toraja people and (2) to know the symbolic meaning contained in the Ma'nene' ritual. Ma'nene 'is a tradition of the ancestors of the Toraja people, namely the procession of changing ancestral clothes. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. Research informants are determined by non-probability sampling. Primary data is carried out through observation and interviews with parties related to the research and secondary data is carried out through library research by reviewing some literature which is closely related to the issues to be discussed. The data that has been collected is then presented in the form of realism narrative and analyzed qualitatively. The results showed that (1) the development of Ma'nene 'rituals that are still being carried out in the Toraja area until now has experienced many changes when compared to the Ma'nene' rituals that were carried out in the past. This is inseparable from the influence of the new religion adopted by the local community at this time which then replaced the previous religion, namely Aluk Todolo. (2) the meaning of Ma'nene 'for the Toraja people is through the ritual of caring for ancestral corpses carried out in this ritual, which is reflected in an attitude of continuing to love, respect and honor ancestral services.

Keywords: makna, ritual, Ma’nene’, Toraja





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